Herbilogy All Natural Wellness Solutions

Natural plant-based (herbs) supplements vary from superfood powder, capsule, herbs-infused tea, oil, and many more with high quality and affordable prices. All ingredients are carefully selected and directly purchased from farmers throughout Indonesia. Providing daily health solutions for every stage of your life since 2016.

From Our Founder

Herbilogy was founded by a mother in 2016. The inspiration for Herbilogy began with the many imported superfoods with really high prices. Seeing this, our founder was motivated to introduce & spread local Indonesian superfoods such as Red Ginger, Katuk Leaves, Turmeric, and many more across Indonesia.

Herbilogy is made specifically to accompany you in every phase of life. Keeping yourself, your children, and your family healthy. #JanganTungguSakit

Our Vision

Becoming the trusted brand of high quality natural & herbs based superfoods and supplements, focusing on your daily health and wellbeing in any phase of life.

Our Mission

1. We provide complete range, high quality, affordable, and practical #AntiRibet herbs superfoods and supplements for daily health.

2. We educate Indonesian on the importance of maintaining their daily health #JanganTungguSakit (do not wait until you're sick to consume) through:

- Continuous easy & do-able health tips

- Inspire others to make their own natural remedy

- Promote local Indonesian herbs supplements and their rich health benefits

3. We support welfare of local Indonesian farmers