Herbilogy Sweet Leaf Breastfeeding Kit

Herbilogy Sweet Leaf Breastfeeding Kit

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Helps increase breastmilk production.

Herbilogy Breastfeeding Kit consist of:
1 Herbilogy Breastfeeding Tea (20 tea bag)
1 Herbilogy Breastfeeding Capsule (60 capsule)
1 Herbilogy Sweet Leaf atau Herbilogy Fenugreek Extract Powder (100gr)
1 Herbilogy Breastfeeding Oil (20ml)
1 Herbilogy Breastmilk Bag Gabag Kolibri (1 pack)
1 Herbilogy Breastpad Classic (1pack)

Compelete Products & More Economical!

Made from natural ingredients, with premium and high quality plant extract. No preservatives, coloring, aromas, and chemicals, so it is safe to be consumed daily.

Fenugreek (Biji Klabet), Moringa (Daun Kelor), Sweet Leaf (Daun Katuk)

Helps increase breastmilk production.

Consume Breastfeeding Tea in the morning and evening (1 tea bag can be used 2 times, stored in a sealed container). Take the Breastfeeding Capsules at least 3 hours after the tea during the day (3 capsules per day). You can consume Sweet Leaf / Fenugreek Extract Powder between hours by mixing the extract powder at breakfast with green bean porridge in the morning, juice after lunch, or others. 

Extract Powder can be mixed with water, tea, smoothies / juices, infused water, or the food & drink of your choice as well.

Herbilogy Sweet Leaf Extract Powder can be used at 36 weeks of pregnancy.
Other products are not recommended for pregnant women.

Close the packaging securely, store in a dry and cool place, keep out of reach of children and direct sunlight.

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